About us – Wedumsdalens Nejder

Words often make things happen. From our day to day conversations the idea of Wedumsdalens Nejder (“Wedum Valley Lands”) grew and took shape. We are a neighborhood bursting with ideas and dedication. We are proud of our countryside, heritage and enterprises. We want to build on people’s visions and ideas. We want to inspire you. Welcome to our world!


Wedumsdalen is a patchwork quilt of Swedish heritage. Between the plains of Vara in the south and the Kålland peninsula in the north, Wedumsdalen with its fields and grazing lands is embedded among wooded hills. Here you find atmospheric, history-breathing estates and mansion houses and you can wander around our beautiful countryside and experience nature’s variations. You can explore traces of ancient ways of life along the valley or just watch today’s hectic harvests with threshers and loaded grain carts. Discover the standing stone at Simbo, the legendary David’s Spring and the mystical King’s Stone. At the centre of our lands is the memorial to Wedum’s church. However, above all else, we offer down-to-earth meeting places with room for new discoveries.


Ours is a vital rural area. It is attractive to visit and inspiring to work and live in. Our desire to maintain a thriving countryside and let the countryside be a part of the future drives us on. For us, growth is developing together. We grow with consideration and respect for each other and our environment. We want to share this. We welcome you to spend time with us. Dine in our stylish settings, discover our unique goods or, quite simply, enjoy a relaxing outing in the landscape. Old meets new in a creative spirit here. Many venerable cowsheds and barns are now home to new businesses. Visit us and your ideas will grow.