Summary of  Leader project ”Growing in Wedumsdalen”

Project time (2016-05-02) 2017-05-08 to 2019-12-31

The purpose of the association Wedumsdalens Nejder is to promote the development of nature, culture and business in the Wedumsdalen area. The association has apply for and been granted financial support by Leader to develop visitor destinations and unique, high-quality visitor destinations in Wedumsdalen and its surroundings.

The aim of the project is to make Wedumsdalen an attractive tourist destination in the countryside and highlight the valley’s natural and cultural values.
The aim of the project is to communicate and market Wedumsdalen’s Nejder to potential visitors. A digital platform will be created as well as signs and places to park to increase accessibility.

Main parts of the Leader project:
– Profiling and marketing, including brand strategy
– Development of collaboration between different actors in the area
– Develop interesting sights and meeting places and make them visible and available.

This includes developing arrangements with different orientations, for example:
– Markets, theme days and concerts

To connect and make the visitor’s destinations visible include:

– Investigation and planning of walking, cycling and riding roads
– Improvement of roads and parking places
– Sign up the offerings and events and produce information signs for sights

From a development and exchange point of view, study trips and skills-enhancing efforts should also be made to ensure the quality of the visitor’s destination.

The association has been granted support by Leader with SEK 760,000. The members of the association contribute the same amount to the project through their own time.